DIVA | Developing Next Generation Intelligent Vehicular Networks and Applications

The proposed NSERC Network concerns intelligent vehicular networks and their applications. It is referred to as Developing Next Generation Intelligent Vehicular Network and Applications (DIVA). Specifically, DIVA targets the development and integration of communication systems, vehicular technologies, and applications for enabling nationwide deployment of vehicular ad hoc networks (VANets) and intelligent transportation systems (ITS).

The goal of the DIVA research network is to

  • Develop innovative large-scale communication architecture and wireless network technologies
  • Make Canada's transportation systems in urban, rural and highway environments more efficient safer as well as offering revolutionary services
  • Develop Technology for Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

Short term:

  • Work with the Industrial partners to develop the technology
  • Help researchers/users how to apply our developed technology and evaluate them using real case scenarios

Long Term:

  • Develop the next generation of vehicular communication systems