2. Intelligent Vehicular ad hoc and Sensor Networks

Theme Leader: Fakhri Karray (University of Waterloo)

Network Team:
  • Abder Rezak Benaskeur (DRDC)
  • Azzedine Boukerche (University of Ottawa)
  • Mario Nascimento (University of Alberta)
  • Mohamed Kamel (University of Waterloo)
  • Panos Nasiopoulos (University of British Columbia)
  • Samuel Pierre (Polytechnique de Montreal)
  • Slim Boumaiza (University of Waterloo)

The main objective of this theme is to develop new technology to integrate sensors in vehicular networks in order to monitor surrounding events to enable the proper function of envisioned applications that will make use of sensor data. To this end, this theme proposes the development of high performance hardware and software platforms for cognitive gateways in vehicular sensor networks. In addition, new data management schemes will be developed to cope with the high volume of collected data expected in such networks. This theme is organized in four interrelated projects, as described below.

Project 2.1: Cognitive Gateway for Heterogeneous Vehicular and Sensor Networks
Project 2.2: Cognitive Information Gathering in Heterogeneous VANets
Project 2.3: Context Aware Information Processing in VANets
Project 2.4: Data Management and Storage in Large-scale Vehicular Networks