1.Heterogeneous Vehicular Networks

Leader: Samuel Pierre (Polytechnique de Montreal)

Network Team:
  • Abder Rezak Benaskeur (DRDC)
  • Alejandro Quintero (Polytechnique de Montreal)
  • Emil Petriu (University of Ottawa)
  • Hussein Mouftah (University of Ottawa)
  • Mohamed Ibnkahla (Queen's University)
  • Slim Boumaiza (University of Waterloo)

The main objectives of this theme are to investigate and design mobility management protocols to deal with the diversity of wireless technologies and to address how existing vehicle infrastructure can be seamlessly integrated into new intelligent transportation systems. In addition, this theme also will investigate ways to make network heterogeneity transparent in order to make it easier for protocol developers to implement communication protocols. Finally, this theme will take into consideration the integration of existing vehicle infrastructure such as traffic lights, signs, automatic toll collection, etc., into the proposed intelligent transportation system. In order to accomplish these objectives, this theme is organized in three projects and more details are given below.

Project 1.1: Heterogeneous VANets: Specification, Requirements and Integration
Project 1.2: Topology and Network Connectivity Management in VANets
Project 1.3: Vehicle Infrastructure Integration and Performance Evaluation